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cant get over girlfriend :(

hi all..

my girlfriend left me just over two weeks ago, the day after i left my job to go freelance. it has basically annihalated me, and i can't work out how to move forward with my life and stop thinking about her. before we met, i was an empty space - i'd grown up thinking that i was completely alone in the world, that it was pointless trying to make friends or involve myself in conversation because anything i said or did would make me look stupid. of course, this just made people think i wanted to be alone and separate myself from everyone.

when she told me how she felt about me (she made all the moves, obviously) it was like being completely reborn. i felt like i no longer had to go through life alone, that someone, maybe even more than one person, might possibly give a damn about my life and my emotions. it was the only happy period in my life. my self-perception changed completely. but now she wants to be alone, and i'm now alone as well, and wondering whether i wa

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