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Im losing it :(

Thought writing this might help me out as I'm currently experiencing a time of my life which i hope i can seriously forget soon. Towards the end of 2005 I starting fooling around with a girl from work, she already had a boyfriend but it was her who was chacing me and i thought i'd just go along with it and see what happens. 2months down the line and i had fallen for this girl in a serious way. She was everything i could ask for, when i asked her to make a desicion as to what we were doing she said we should just be friends. Deep down i knew this would probably happen but at the time i thought got to give it a shot. 4months later and i'm still a mess. I have to see her everyday as we work together and its killing me almost quite literally some nights. i've starting thinking that the only way to get over her is to leave my work but I have so many friends there and I only just got promoted to a new position I dont want to leave but this is ruining my life what can i do? i'm starting to re

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