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Clubbing Promoters/Djs required  

Do you love clubbing at the Ministry of Sound, The Galss House, turnmills, The Cross, The End, Egg??
Do you know 10 or more mates??
Do you want to get in free into such clubs and be treated like a VIP?
Are you a bedroom DJ wanting to get some experience of playing out to your friends ?

if the answers are yes please get in touch and ill tell you more.

C Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Clubbing promoter dj 5 Sep
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Good Afternoon

I have read your details on the noticeboard and I'm interested in DJing and the VIP treatment.
Please tell me more

Post reply -->London Clubbing 21 Apr
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Clubbing DJing in London  

Hi there I'm interested in DJing in London. I've been DJing for 8 years and play out a couple of times a month but keen to do more.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Post reply -->London Clubbing Daniel Scott 12 Jul
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yup answer is yes tell me more abt it

Post reply -->London Clubbing maxim 19 Mar
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