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Anyone going for this 28 hour party/rave(?) next weekend? Any subjective opinions would be great. Anyone been last time, in March I believe... If your wondering what this is about about, go to - - Usually prefer small, friendly clubs but tempted by this thing. PS! 28, male, usually listen to electro/electroclash/indi/synthpop/etc. If at all relevant....

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Clubbing x  


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Clubbing did you make it? F**k me it was quality  

Best night i had for a long time, pretty surreal aswell. Well it would be if you got chatting to a three headed portugese guy called Ted. Didnt sleep for two days, after the main arena shut, we got ushered into this funky little room and stayed there till god knows when. Shaun Ryder was quality. Proper bo a tell thee.

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