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can you add our link please
Below is the most recent Time Out Listings Update for us
Club Fantastic & Delicious Every Saturday at
Sound, 10 Wardour Street entrance, W1

10pm - 4am, 12 , 10 guest list or 8 in advance on 0870 122 6969

or visit

Not just a club, the biggest party in town. Dance around 2 linked clubs with pumping disco, party pop, retro, funky house, R&B Anthems. 6 separate bars. Reserved seating area's

Room 1

In our first room is Club Fantastic. DJ The Funky Geezer dressed in his usual purple crushed velvet suit afro wig and Elvis glasses brings to you 80s Party Anthems, disco & Pop. Voulez vous celebrates 70s disco classics ( Abba to Odyssey). Along with his usual midnight stage show with competition.

Room 2

Delicious brings to you the R & B and Birthday Funky House Anthems from the last decade. Two bar area,s & a VIP Lounge.

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