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Clubbing Any one up for clubbing?  

Recently moved to London and would really love to get into the clubbing scene. Mates are great but they are no longer into clubbing, just drinking in trendy wine bars. I love all places ive been in London so far....Fabric, The End, Turnmills and really want to visit them some more but im always up for new ideas, new types of music and new places. If you think you can help me out, please contact me on  Mail-me  and we can hook up and go party together!!!

Look forward to hearing from all you ravers out there....somewhere???!!!

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Clubbing I  

I'm not over my clubbing years just yet (24yrs old)and hope to find some new friends to go clubbing with after April.
Like you, most of my friends are into trendy wine bars or have coupled up and really settled.

Sounds like ur into the same scene as me and I'm hoping to go to Pacha soon.

So if ur interested, drop me a mail.

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Clubbing RE: Anyone up for clubbing?  

Hi; I'm also a fairly recent mover to London, & wouldn't mind hooking up with a group with a simillar outlook on clubbing. Music-wise I like DJ's like Sasha, James Lavelle, David Holmes, Eric Morrillo etc, but proving a bit difficult to drag mates along to these sort of nights! Also quite like the electro nights they have around shoreditch.

About me: 25yr old strt bloke; living in Camden Town. If you like, drop me a line on  Mail-me  cheers

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Clubbing DJs  

I like almost all those DJ's. Especially Eric Morrillo. Gimme a shout back at  Mail-me  if you are still looking for someone to club it up with.

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