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This is new. You have nothing to lose by posting what you do, and maybe where you'd like to go next. People that do something similar to you can be good buddies and a source of opportunity and advantageous gossip and it can be a good way of sidelining your employer and employment agencies.

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Career Networking Careers  

Well I have just found this board and I guess right now I am in careers 'no man land'. After spending well over 3 years or so temping unhappily in unmotivating administration jobs and now taking time out to establish what I really want to do work wise. I know it will be something artistic or creative but nothing defined has stood out. I guess I would just like to talk to friendly people that have changed from fairly safe and conventional jobs to pursue careers, mainly within the creative/artistic field.


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Career Networking Careers  

I did the same thing as you about two years ago, quit an admin job i hated and spent six months on the dole, etc. Then i started looking into working as a photographer's assistant, made a hell of a lot of phone calls and eventually got a lucky break with this guy. I'm doing freelance stuff now, really enjoying it.

Anyhow, the pay's not brilliant and you often have to work for free before getting paid work with some people, but i've no regrets leaving my last job.

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