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This is new. You have nothing to lose by posting what you do, and maybe where you'd like to go next. People that do something similar to you can be good buddies and a source of opportunity and advantageous gossip and it can be a good way of sidelining your employer and employment agencies.

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Career Networking First timer!  

Hi everyone, I've never posted anything on a message forum before but I stumbled across this one and thought I have to ask... does anyone have any advice on how to get into publishing or clinical psychology? both very different i know but I did a psychology degree, have been getting a year's office experience and now have narrowed down my career options to these two! Any help would be much appreciated

Post reply -->London Career Networking publishing clinical psychologyAlice 9 Sep
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Career Networking getting into publishing  

First you need to be clear what aspect of publishing you want to get into: marketing/publicity or editorial are the big divisions but there are also more admin jobs eg related to dealing with orders etc. I only really know about the editorial side and here the routine is that you start as an editorial assistant and work up. Or you could first try some unpaid internship jobs -- try Oxford Brookes web site. Otherwise it's always worth just writing to all publishers in the area you want to specialise in (fiction/non fiction; academic/non academic; any specialist areas eg law, history?) with a cv and enthisiastic covering letter -- and you HAVE to get spelling right and no typos, otherwise why bother saying you'd be good at editing and proofreading? The publishers will probably give you some sort of standardised test and what they are looking for is attention to detail and English language knowledge & comprehension. Don't worry about knowing proof reading marks.

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Career Networking  

hi alice-you need to have bucket loads of experience in a field related to clinical psychology-and you have to have a degree from a bps (british psychological society) registered course-which you pay to join them-so you do a year or so of general psychology related experience. then try and land yourself a job as an assistant psychologist working in an nhs setting-then try and apply for clinical psychology courses. the warning is it's very competetive and you could do the experience and the grafting but still not get a place after a few years of applying for courses. Good luck!

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Career Networking Clinical Psychology  

You need to get any unpaid/paid experience in a psychiatric hospital or similar, working as much as possible. Then you are in a position to apply for post as Assistant Psychologist somewhere- very competitive. Best start point is local NHS job sites, for support worker/nursing assistant work; temping agencies such as Blue Arrow that specialise in nursing work, or charities/orgs for voluntary work. Also join British Psychological Society, and read up in the career - put it this way, after 3 years I'm not sure I want to continue. Be prepared for it to take 5-8 yrs to qualify:hard work, low pay until then.

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