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London Career Networking Patents

This is new. You have nothing to lose by posting what you do, and maybe where you'd like to go next. People that do something similar to you can be good buddies and a source of opportunity and advantageous gossip and it can be a good way of sidelining your employer and employment agencies.

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Career Networking Patents  


Has anyone ever regsitered a patent before or taken a product to market? Need advice on how to go about it.

Post reply -->London Career Networking PatentsDiamond 28 Jul
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Career Networking have some info for patent  


Post reply -->London Career Networking PatentsTracey 11 Aug
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Career Networking Patent Advice  

My first advice would be do not say too much about your patent - it may cause problems. My next piece would be contact the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents. They run help forums (free) on a regular basis. Also visit

Post reply -->London Career Networking PatentsAaron 30 Aug
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