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This is new. You have nothing to lose by posting what you do, and maybe where you'd like to go next. People that do something similar to you can be good buddies and a source of opportunity and advantageous gossip and it can be a good way of sidelining your employer and employment agencies.

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Career Networking Temp work  

I have always held a full-time job but am finding it difficult to find a new job while in full time employment - thinking about doing temp work to give me more spare time - looking for advice from people who have temp - would u recommend it?
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Career Networking Temping  

Yes definetley, you can bridge the gap and pick some new skills up in the process something else to add to your CV. Temping is good for short term gaps, try the high street agencies dedicated to your area of interest. They will test you on your skills and maybe you can work out where you need improving and get a temporary role that way, it may even lead to permenant. Good luck.

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Career Networking Good Temp agency in Ealing  

Peach Personnel is quite a friendly temp agency and since it's not one of these high street chains - is a bit more interested in you rather than just making money - Telf 0208 579 3337, Address: 28 a) New Broadway, Ealing W5 2XA (It's just next to Ryman's/Cafe Uno on the Broadway)

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