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This is new. You have nothing to lose by posting what you do, and maybe where you'd like to go next. People that do something similar to you can be good buddies and a source of opportunity and advantageous gossip and it can be a good way of sidelining your employer and employment agencies.

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Career Networking Where do I start??!  

I want to change careers from law to event management but with little experience and a legally tailored CV, I have no idea where to start! Is there anyone out there who knows how to make big-step transitions like this??  Mail-me 

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Career Networking Changing Careers  

K, If you are interested in changing career directions - look at your current CV and go through with a highlighter and mark all the transferrable skills that you can sell to a propective employer or organisation. In law you would need to have highly developed research and organisational skills and an Events Manager also needs these skills. You will need to show that you have an ability to rapidly make contacts and network within the Events Management Area. Utilise the yellow pages and personal contacts and resources to build your first contacts diary - list a selection of great venues, security companies, florists, companies that can supply catering requirements, hire furniture etc etc - show a prospective employer that you are already thinking like an Events Manager. Contact me anytime for more tips - my background is Continous Improvement and Change Management in of Luck following your dream.

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