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Hi there. I've recently moved to the Hommerton/Hackney area and am interested in finding out about any alternative therapy places and yoga/pilates places in this area. I'm into any that develops the mind, body and spirit and encourages people to take responsibility for their wellbeing. I'm interested in either group sessions or one to one. Please feel free to contact me on  Mail-me 
Many thanks

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Alternative Therapies  

there is one call Yoga place, it's on Bethnal green rd just 2 minutes walk from the station opposit site with Woolworth

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Alternative Therapies North London Buddhist Centre  

North London Buddhist Centre is not far away from Hackney, just a bus ride to Highbury & Islington. It is a great place to meet up, for yoga and meditation. Check their web site for more info.

I have my Friday Sunpower Yoga class there between 7.30 and 9pm. All levels welcome! Email me for more info.  Mail-me 

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