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Finding somewhere to live is a specialised activity, and I have resisted the temptation to be lazy and just make accommodation another forum.

I mention this, because when you first click on these links, it 'feels' like you are being taken to someone else's site: but you're not.

All these sites are owned by me, and you might discern a consistent 'look and feel' to them all.

In fact was my first ever site, which I started four years ago, initially just as a flatshare site, although it does self-contained flat rentals now too.

The community of people that grew up around spawned eighteen months ago.

Because is about everything essentially, it is poised to outgrow its parent very soon, so the original somewhat humiliatingly gets listed here as forum, whereas it is actually a site in its own right, with quite a loyal clientele. -Julian

At the risk of appearing like some aggressive multinational, I have actually exported the MoveThat/MoveFlat thing nationally and abroad. Because MoveFlat and are such a London thing, I thought it would be sensitive NOT to call the sites by the same name. Outside London, the sites are called '' -Julian