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Hi Im Yvette 26 years old female..I live in London..I would lije to meet male deaf friends...pls. reply on my  Mail-me  ..hope we will be good friends..

19 Aug

Single Parents

Single mother To a toddler looking for house share

Hi, I am a 39 year old single mother to a 20 month old in west London. I work in Hammersmith and currently live in Ealing. Iím looking to share a household with another single mother to reduce costs and to form a community for my son. Are you interested in doing a couple of hours childcare per day? If so, I would massively reduce the rent and pay the bulk of it!! Please let me know if you are interested at  Mail-me 

Isabell 18 Aug

West Norwood

Hi mate. I remember Stamford House. It was at Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush. It wasn't a Borstal, it was a remand home, and I have some very VERY vivid memories of it.
I was at Woodvale for a few months around 1963/4, in "Larches".
A nasty cockroach infested place with a few memorable staff members; Mr. Swaffer being one, and the thug named February, who loved caning kids, another. I'm Mike Chenery, and I remember fellow residents like Walkerdine, and Hugh Dennis ( not the famous one!)  Mail-me 16 Aug


Madge and Billy

We lived at 10a zennor road 1948 to 1958 name made and Billy o'dee brothers were the walshes Jimmy paddy etc lived opposite thr macs nelly buddy and children I went to Henry cavendish till 58' I new Lenny Corby Cummings and people realise John Sullivan fools and horses writer lived at top end were we held our bonfires every year bomber Newton nibby Cummings bomb sites what a road characters at every turn mad Fleming sammy mount Stevens Mrs turtle and her push chair at number10a a monkey lived with her chickey stocker best dressed man Mary and many many more I am Dave o' Dee

Dave o dee 16 Aug


Kendalls number 46

Hi my name is Gloria. Father lived in 46 Zennor Road
With his mother and father and brothers and sisters, we were young we lived with the smiths at number 50 My. Dad is Stanley an my mother is Sheila Kendall. They now live in the USA along with my sister Carol , myself and youngest sister are still in England. 15 Aug

Mill Hill

My grandmother Mary was there 1925-1934 click on the Facebook link to see a photo. Your neighbour may recognise some faces on there.¨if_id=1526290799959075&ref=m_notif

Chrissie 15 Aug

canning town

15 Aug

Single Parents

Christian single mum of a 2yrs old boy looking to share a House with another single mum

My name is Mylene and I am a single mum of a 21 month old boy. I am a fervent Christian, non-smoker and full time employed. I am looking for another Christian single mum (as it is important for me to share my roof with someone sharing the same values as me) with a kid(s) of similar age as my son to get a 4 bedrooms house with garden so we can share the bills and rent.

I would like to get something relatively close from central London (zone 4 maximum with easy access to London Bridge and Charing Cross: 20-35min by train). I always lived in nice residential areas in South East London where affordable big houses with garden can be found (which is ideal for kids), however I am quite flexible on the location. I am planning to move at the end of September/Early October 19.

If you are a Christian too and are interested, please feel free to email me:  Mail-me .

Thank you,


Mylene 14 Aug



14 Aug

Tulse Hill

John Zayya

I worked for John Zayya for many years and he was the best boss I ever worked for. There were over 300 of us under John and we cried when he finally left. Over my 25 years on the railway I never met anyone who could match him as a boss and railway expert

david james 13 Aug

Canning Town

Murkoffs ice cream

I grew up in Leyton, but my Mother was from Canning Town, so I grew up knowing all about Murkoffs Ice Cream. My parents would often bring home tubs of Ice Cream and god knows how I never got too big, as I often finished off the tub when my parents were out. Now nearly 59 and have been lucky to travel most parts of the world I still haven't come across any ice cream that can compare to Murkoffs. I tell my daughters about this Ice Cream, but like so many young people they have unfortunately never had the pleasure of Murkoffs ice cream

Karl Brown 12 Aug

Single Parents

Single Parent House Share East London

I have started a property business which aims to provide shared living accommodation specifically for single parent families. I am a single parent myself and am aware of the benefits of co-living for us guys and gals. Iím looking to source my first property in East London; currently I am looking at a lovely house with 6 double bedrooms and a garden. It would be one parent with a maximum of two children (sharing a bedroom) I would be hoping to accommodate. The parent would have their own room though I could be flexible as price would be per room, so if a parent wanted to share with a baby or toddler they could take one room. I would estimate rent to be around £650 to £800 per room (inclusive of bills) Near good schools. Please contact me if you are interested. 10 Aug


Kings Dance Studio

I also remember Kings very well, the other lady was called Kathleen. I met my first husband there, most of my friends met husbands/wives there too. Many happy memories.

Jan 9 Aug

Single Parents

Flat to share with single mum

I am looking for other mom to share a flat with.i have a son 8 years old, I am looking for outside London.

Rania 9 Aug


Secondary Schools

Secondary school options if you live in harlesden?

Sliponshoea 8 Aug

Single Parents

Looking for flatshare for myself and my 10 year old son

Hi there!Im 37 year old single mom Of wonderful 10 year old a bundle of intelligence.We both are easy to get on open minded and good people:)Iím doing online fashion course at the moment and looking to study possibly in London ( a dream for now).Im looking for homely cosy safe nice place to live for us in nice area in London or elsewhere in UK ( depends if any of you willing to live outside London).School starts soon so looking to move in in a month.Thank you x  Mail-me 

Aiste 8 Aug

Single Parents

Single mum in Southgate/Enfield/Barnet

I am a mum of two girls aged 2 and 4, I am looking for a single mum to share a nice house with me that also has a garden. I work full time, I am a non smoker and do not own any pets. Ideally I would prefer a similar mother but open to offers. Email  Mail-me 7 Aug


Hi my name is Len West.

Do you remember Miss Plant and mother Saviour - I was at the school until I did me 11plus-

Leonard 6 Aug

Grove Park

As safe as any other London area

There are often one or two homeless people by the station chatting in the night but they do not cause inconveniences. It has good lighting and is usually quite busy until late as there are takeaways, Russian shops and a pub by the station so it does have a feeling of safe atmosphere.

Stephie 6 Aug

Grove Park

I prefer going to Blackheath

I know you can drive to Beckenham but have you been up to Blackheath? its less than 10 minute drive from grove park and gorgeous. If I could afford it I would live there, but have you seen the prices for a studio flat??!!?!?!?!! Ill settle for grove park and make the journey a few times a month for brunch which I can afford as have a puny grove park mortgage ;)

Sessie 6 Aug

Single Parents

I would be interested in renting the room. Can you please write to me so we can discuss it father?
My e-mail:  Mail-me 


Mal 4 Aug

West Norwood

I lived here too

This message is for Faye. I am Richard Jackson who lived at Southvale but my memories of living their arenít great.
I remember being moved out within 3/4 days after something happened and got moved to Kent

Richard Jackson 4 Aug

Single Parents

Single mum to 1.5 Yr old looking to share in Bow/similar area


I'm a 22 year old full time student at Qmul, and have a 1.5 year old daughter. Im looking to share a flat with another single parent, ideally in east central (bow, Bromley, mile end, whitechapel) but I can be flexible with location if something else works for you. I've seen some nice two bed, two bath places in bow that are really good prices!

I need to move around the end of August or in September.
Hopefully we can help each other out in this ridiculously expensive London rental market.....also be nice to have another adult in the house right?!

Drop me a text and we can chat - 07944867104

Miriam 4 Aug


My name is Neil I grew up in Newington Green and my next door neighbour Ethel grew up in Walworth, Inville road, another one d went to St. Peter's School Walworth and was friends with the. Verico's, please. Contact. Neil ANYTIME... As I'll be 97 in July... Next year that's Ethel... Neil's gonna be 70 next. July (&I'm a single man now).

Neil. 3 Aug


Hi , I'm m,, straight , 39 . Living London. I'm in a similar situation, looking to meet m/f to meet up with and have a few drinks and go clubbing, fancy meeting up sometime ?

3 Aug

Grove Park

Everything I look for in a buy to let

Excellent train links, plenty of schools, medical facilities, well kept green spaces, gym options, restaurants close by, town centre within driving distance (Bromley), leafy streets. Couldn't be more perfect.

Steeev 2 Aug

West Norwood

Hi Victoria

Itís faye send me you email mine is  Mail-me 

Faye 1 Aug

West Norwood

South Vale

I lived here with brothers Robert and Richard I ran away and ended up here from an abusive foster home with Chantelle and Michael lived here also.

Faye 1 Aug

West Norwood

South vale 86

Hi does anyone remember Faye I was young at the time like 6or 7 close to Chantelle

Faye 1 Aug

West Norwood

South Vale

I lived here with brothers Robert and Richard I ran away and ended up here from an abusive foster home with Chantelle and Michael lived here also.

Faye 1 Aug

Single Parents

Looking for a family to share with

Hi, Iím not a single parent, itís my husband, me and my son but this is the only place Iíve found for family house sharing, I hope you donít mind!

We are lucky to have a 2-bed flat in zone 2 in London. We donít really need the extra bedrooms but would love some more living space and a garden. Itís not something we can afford on our own right now so Iím wondering if thereís anyone out there whoíd like to share with us. It could be a nice opportunity for someone to get onto the housing ladder too.

Would anyone be interested in talking to me about this?


Nicola 31 Jul

Single Parents

Looking for single mum to house share


I am mum to a 13 year old boy, I work full time and we currently live in Beckenham Junction and have been for last 10 years.
I am looking to find a single mum to share a house with, help each other out as well as be able to enjoy being able to rent a larger house with garden etc with 2 incomes sharing rent and bills.
My son and I are quite sporty and like to be outdoors. We are quite homely and when at home we like like to do chill, read, watch films, I love to cook and bake as well.
My son plays football and has a good group of friends he likes to go cinema and park with.

I am looking someone who likes similar things, preferably with similar age kids. Ideally in Beckenham/ Bromley or surrounding areas and my budget is around £1100.
Please get in touch if this sounds like something you could be interested in! My email is  Mail-me 

Petra 31 Jul


Music session on sunday

Iím a drummer from East London and looking to play with other musicians, can you email me information about these Sunday sessions...

Would love to be part of this :)
Kind regards

Pauline 29 Jul



Every Friday 8pm. royal standard, pelton road, greenwich. good friendly atmosphere. all standards of players welcome. everyone is very helpful. enquiries  Mail-me 

James Atton 29 Jul

Single Parents

Looking for mum with 1/2 year old child to share flat

Hello! I'm a professional mum of a 14 month old daughter looking for another mum with child of similar age wanting to share the flat where I'm currently living.
Flat is in E8 Haggerston. Email me for more info:


Alessia 26 Jul


Hi Pat

I have just posted a message to you in another area. I am your cousin Rob son of your fathers brother Arthur. Your parent are Anne and Albert. I mainly remember your brother Phillip but lost touch around 1970, Is phil still alive if so where is he living.
I live in Bournemouth and have five children and nine grandchildren.
Do you happen to know the name of Dads eldest brother who was killed in WW1.
My email address is  Mail-me 
Best regards

Rob Carey 25 Jul


Hello Pat

Hi Pat,
I have only just seen this July 2019, My name Is Rob Carey I believe that I was born in Tulip place in August 1947 to Hilda and Arthur Carey, there were two sisters Janet and June. I am assuming we are part of the same family, what are your parents and siblings names.
We moved to Giles House on Jamaica Road at some point and were there until 1970 when we moved to Kent due to Dads failing health.
My email address is  Mail-me 
Best regards

Rob Carey 25 Jul


25 Jul

Flats Houses Wanted

House for rent suth London zone 3

Hause for rent - short term only 2/3 2 Double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, Bathroom with Bath and Elec Shower, Sitting Room,And Separate Kitchen. Sunny Garden, for rent, short term - 2 months with the possibility of prolongation.

call me please 07861211871
 Mail-me 24 Jul


I attended this club around the same time,I was 12.It was in Rutford Rd.Yes there was a boat hanging from the ceiling and I think the sea scouts used the hall.Graham Mitchell was a great instructor and a hard man and he used to drive a brown Reliant Robin.I remember going running bare foot around the streets during training.Good times and a brilliant club.

Richard Hill 22 Jul


Hi I lived in Mail Road and was born there in 1959
So was was a young lad there in the 60s and used play out with all my mates perhaps you were one of them
Peter Collyer

Peter Collyer 22 Jul

Single Parents

House-sharing Single mum to 11 year old girl


I am an older mum to an 11 year old girl. Looking to share with another single mum with a daughter of similar age..
Looking for a house with a garden in N14, N21 area. I am not a fan of my daughter spending all her time on her mobile and believe in not only monitoring phone use, but restricting access to social media at this age. My budget at most £1000 pm exclusive of bills. Looking for a parent to match that..
Looking for a non smoker, family friendly mum. Happy to pool resources for meals etc, so we can have a really Ďfamilyí friendly environment.

Rachel 22 Jul


19 Jul


Sallis et al

All those teachers you list taught me too. My form teacher was Dunn (who ended up as Principal of the school) and I suspect I was one year ahead of you. I didnít like Sallis that much...I always thought him a bully and a phoney. I now live in Melbourne so there must have been something in the water that sent us both here.

Peter Stevens 19 Jul


John Hullet

John Hullet was the head at West Greenwich Secondary School. I was there between 1959 and 1965 and he remained there after that. Hullet was also the Chairman of The Head Teachers Union and quite powerful.

Peter Stevens 19 Jul

New Friends 30 up

GENUINE life long friends

hiya hun you seem genuine, would be good to chat, I have a 10 year old and looking to expand my circle

Email me 18 Jul

Missing Persons

Looking for my sister in law

Michelle Noakes has been missing since June 28th. Last seen Embankment Gardens in London, between 2-3 weeks ago. She has brown hair and blue eyes, height 5'7 . She has been seen asking for money outside Sainsbury's, in this area. She was looking scruffy and untidy. Her family have been searching for her. Please help if you can

Jacqui 18 Jul


The Bag Wash, Poplar

The Bag Wash, or laundry was on the east side of Chrisp Street, between the Carmen Street bridge (the old wooden bridge) and Cording Street. It was possibly on the site of what on an 1893-96 map shows as 'Sack Works' I went to Susan Lawrence School from 1952-1958.

Paul Ferris 18 Jul

New Friends

Start your new social life in london with Cohort

I'm quite extited about this, as i'll be in the next one. It's called Cohort. "A four week social life accelerator for working professionals new to London"

32 great people.
8 epic socials.
4 fantastic weeks.

... life long friendships.

Literally telling everyone, seems this might be the answer to our problems

Chantelle 17 Jul


Hi Ken, I lived at No 70 Rucklidge Ave opposite the old Hippodrome like you I played in the ruins.
Roy Prue

Roy Prue 17 Jul


It was lenny Richards from villa street and it was Phyllis rubbins lived at penton place after leaving nelson we went on to mina road

15 Jul

Stamford Hill

13 Jul


To Sir with love

If you google you will find he got off a bus in Watts Street and turned left into Reardon Street and went to the Dock entrance at vinegar street. The school is opposite now a health centre base. The entrance is gone but you can still walk into Portland Square.

Chris Soltysiak 12 Jul

New Friends 50 up

Hi Lilly

I'm a straight French woman but have been living in the UK for over 20 years.
Are you still looking for friends? If yes, I'd be interested in meeting up.
You can contact me at  Mail-me .

Nickie 12 Jul

Stamford Hill

12 Jul

Single Parents

Single pregnant mum looking for a home

I need to move out of my shared accommodation as i'm due in January 2020.

Budget is around £800 a month, looking for studio or a room / share with other single mums.

North / East / South East London, but open minded for other areas too.



Aggie 11 Jul

Grove Park

As a mum I luv it

Lots for the kids to do at liesure center and the schools are a good fit with my little ones. Winner of a nail salon opposite the station and I work out at the 24 hour gym. We get the bus to the glades for a bit of shopping when I need my fix. Takes like 10 mins

Jessie92 11 Jul

Grove Park

Agree! What a steal location wise

On the up, good house prices and lots of investment both by the council and ppl renovating. I agree with previous poster, a few more restaurants instead of chicken shops would make a big difference to the area.
Wedged between stupidly expensive areas Id say you can't go wrong moving and buying here.

Sanj 11 Jul


I lived in the prefabs at Roundwood Park from 1947 - 1962
I whent to Furness Road Scool then Pound Lane. Ileft there inDec 1956 and took an apprenticeship at BTH - Neasden

My E.Mail is -  Mail-me 

Alan Eagles 10 Jul


Alan Eagles 10 Jul


Was at larkswood. Between 1973-1975

Small dark haired girl. We had a mean teacher Mrs mcloughlan. Friends were Deborah Smith, Martin Smith(not related) Alison Wilkinson. Our class did a play Snow White. The Disney version.

Quicksilver 10 Jul


Was at Lakewood 1973-1975

Don't remember all my teachers except Mrs McLaughlin who was horrible. Some of my friends were Martin Smith, Alison Wilkinson, Deborah Smith; Jennifer (not sure of her last name) and Sam (not sure of his last name). There was also a girl called Holly in our class who was Snow White in the class play and Karen who played a horse.

Quicksilver 10 Jul


Any clubbers here? so quiet

aka 9 Jul


I would be interested.
New to this area.
Last belonged to a book group20 years ago in Oxford.

Jane Shun- Shin 6 Jul

East Ham

When exactly did Doris Martin die? I have lots of memories too. I was there from 1958 - 63, only left because we moved away. I can remember Gillian, Christene x 2, Sally, Mavis, Phillip (whom I am still in touch with) my name was Janet Walsingham.

Janet 5 Jul

East Ham

I went to Doris Martin dance, from 1958 - 1963. We may know each other, my name then was Janet Walsingham. I have one picture taken at Doris place of work, after a show there. If you want a copy.

Janet 5 Jul

Stamford Hill

born in Hackney hospital 1966

hi, my mother, also was at stamford hill home and i was born at the hospital . looking for people who know more about it, i know some, finally trying to trace my father.

fiona 5 Jul

New Friends

Photographer seeking People of the followings:

Hi there.
I'm a Photographer who genuine wants to meet with the following People in London:
Native Brazilian Indians/Amazon,Native Americans/Canadian/Inuit, Aborigines, Nubians/Aboriginal Egyptians.
Females or Males.
The is a main reason for wishing to meet such People and I will discuss that when we meet.
Reply to Photopolitan at
 Mail-me 4 Jul

Stamford Hill

Stamford Hill

I have sent you an email. Do you happen to remember a girl named Bettine? She had a daughter named Katrina Jane and gave her up for adoption. Bettine is desperate to find her. She was at St Maryís in April 1963. Thank you in advance.

Ann 3 Jul

Stamford Hill

Stamford hill

I have sent you an email. Do you happen to remember a girl named Bettine? She was there from April 1963 and had a little girl she had to give up for adoption that she named Katrina Jane.

Ann 3 Jul


Hello would anyone have a 2" heel black dance shoes forsale size 2 or 3 please


Jacqui 3 Jul


Yes I remember the perks. It was Billy perks who became bill wyman of the rolling stones. He now lives here in suffolk. I used to work with his mother molly when I lived in penge.

Margaret Palmer, New saxby. 3 Jul

single parents


Hi I am looking for 2 bed flat to rent in Lewisham area!I am single mom whit 12 years old daughter!working par time job!I am from Latvia
Budget around 1200-1300!thanks
My email  Mail-me 

Kristine 30 Jun


Church Road

I have been looking for pictures of Church Road and I have been unable to find them. The pictures involves former Victorian buildings, that previously occupied the site of the entire Church End estate.
Pictures of Denbigh,Westbury and the adjacent streets. Could someone please upload them online .

Bronson Arthur (Pseudonym) 28 Jun

Single Parents

Single mom with 8 yr old boy seeking flat or house to share

I'm a single mother living with my son (8 yr old). I wish to share a flat or occupy a part of your house in London, ideally in the Kensington area + West London. Budget: approx. £1200.

I'm a graphic designer in my forties, originally from France, and responsible. My son is well-educated and would love to share, possibly with a boy or girl of approx. same age.

Please contact me if this is something that might interest you.


Veronique 27 Jun

Grove Park

Flipped house

we did the same, working out well for us financially. Stop telling people about this area or the game is up mate.

Geoff 27 Jun

Grove Park

Hidden find, zone 4!

Who knew this area existed. Between affluent areas it still has plenty of potential even though prices are starting to go up. A lot of development in the area. I'll be flipping my property and getting another one local to do the same.

Jstar 26 Jun


i was there too!  Mail-me 

25 Jun

New Friends

Kind hearted person

Hi dear respected i hop u r very well ? I m muhammad saleem live in london looking for a kind and sincere friend if u give me the oppertunity to b ur best friend i gurantee u you will proud to be my friend i m a most carring kind hardworking sincere trustworthy and humanity loving person i wll never let u down just once contact me on 07480604455  Mail-me  if u wish and need a sincere friend then plz consider me i believe i m A most caring , helping and kind to other i wll b very greatfull if u reply best wishes for u and urs loved ones take care

07480604455 25 Jun


Free at Country club

My band was on with Free, September 21 st 1969. Yes it was the old tube tunnels entrance building , down the ally opposite the Everyman cinema . its still there , think it now used for media storage .

ashley 25 Jun


Peter Doggett

I remember you at Kennington sec . I also remember going to a party at yours around 1967. You lived near Herne hill then .

Jim Richardson 25 Jun


Pamela Keen

I remember your name . Me and my brother Charlie. Went to st Philips from 1958 .

Jim 25 Jun


I lived in Dumain court at that time

Jim Richardson 25 Jun


Cottingtong close estate 1958 -68

I lived here then . My name Jim Richardson . Does anyone know me . 😎

Jim Richardson 25 Jun

Single Parents

Desperately looking for a room


My name is hayley and im Looking for a room for Me and my son (4). I will be starting a new job in the next few weeks but have to be out of our current place by the end of July.

Please can anyone help?!



Hayley 23 Jun

Flatseeking Groups

Single mum with daughter, 12, seeking to buddy up with family or couple for a flatshare in highgate road, Hampstead Heath

I am a professional single mum with an almost 12 year old daughter, Mary. Mary has been accepted to the secondary school in Highgate Road opposite hampstead heath and ideally I am looking for a pet friendly family (we have a small 14 year old terrier dog, beefie, fully trained and gentleman) or a couple to buddy up for a flatshare in the area. Best period for us to move is between 25/8 to 28/8. Looking forward to your reply, my mail is  Mail-me 

Katerina 20 Jun


We lived in the little row of terraced houses opposite Twelvetrees at no 66 my Mum and Dad my brother Ken sister Eileen and me Carole, my Mum was born in the house in 1906 and remained there till they were pulled down in 1968

19 Jun

East Finchley

Missing cat

Please help us find our missing cat Smokey. He is a black and white Persian longhair. Went missing on Tuesday in the Long Lane area. Reward. He has a name tag. If you see him please contact Dave 07714 628507


Dave 19 Jun


Hi Tracy

where you at rock hills in the 1980s please could you let me know big thanks lee

lee wilkes 17 Jun


I remember a lot about Station Road. I was a pupil at Kings School of Dance. Where I gained several medals. Vic and Cynthia King were my teachers I was offered a job with the Dennis Drew School of Dance in Manor Park, but didn't take it up as I acquired a husband. We had our wedding reception at Chasneys. I worked for BUPA above the driving test centre opposite the station. Lived in Sewardstone Road.

Would love to hear news from anybody remembering the late 60's 70's.

Went to school in the late 50's at Richmond House

Was then Janet Benson

Jenet Pike 15 Jun

New Friends

Looking for lady friend

Hi , i am good looking , friendly ,clean man 34 age,looking for new lady friend from london , please text me on 07957338419 thanks

Ali 15 Jun

Grove Park

Agreed great location still affordable for young families

Moved here 6 months ago, great regeneration around the station, we live downham side and you get excellent value for money Vs size of houses and gardens. These are classic 1930s houses before things started getting built really small!
Negative is lots of green spaces managed by phoenix Arizona hi sort out the social housing so are slow to make improvements but no big issue.
Proportionally less social housing compared to the rest of Lewisham from what I can tell and feels like a safe area, never had or seen any trouble. School options quite good.

Jacob 12 Jun

Single Parents

Hello! Iím a 27 year old with a three year old daughter! Iím looking for a flat share as well. I would love that support network and for my daughter to have someone to play with. Sheís very sociable and loves other children.

If youíre interested in sorting something out please feel free to write,

My email is  Mail-me 

Rebecca 11 Jun

East Ham

11 Jun

Anything and Everything


London Rentals and Brent Council:
London Rentals Estate Agents are to be avoid.
They have illegal/without planning permisson converted Flats in Houses... One official illegal Property of such is: 21 Meadow Garth London NW10 0SP
There where 6 illegal Flats there.
The Brent Council was told, but did nothing. Only when the Government Ombudsman was Informed, did 'Bent' Council do something. Though not enough, as the Council has not attempted to Recover the Housing Benefit Public Money, from London Rentals,for the illegal 6 Flats.
There could well be over 1 and a half Millions Pounds to recover of Public Money.
So if your a Brent Tax Payer reading this then put pressure on the Council to get that Housing Benefit Money recovered back to the Brent Tax Payer.
Write to the Local/National Newspapers/Radio/TV Media or to the Government Ombudsman.

Mike 11 Jun

Kensal Green


Does anyone know of the Whitman,Kramer or Kirkwood family from the 1900s.
Or a Constance who gave birth in 1909 and adopted her son Charles to the Whitman family.
Thank you

Cheryl 10 Jun


Italian or French amatuer nude Models wanted

Are you Italian or French Females in London?
Are you a Naturist/Exhibitionist type.
Would like to do some amatuer Modeling
Then of so, contact me.
BBW/Mature very welcome.
Time For Prints basis.
Reply to:  Mail-me 
Due to spam, Google email address will be Ignored.
If you have another Email address, kindly use that one.

Photopolitan 10 Jun


Raised at no.3 Clayton Buildings until early 1950

Evacuated twice during 'blitz' my two Bothers and I, but we couldn't keep away from our old 'stamping ground'.
Prior to the first we were 'on-site' the Monday Morning after the incendiary bomb destroyed Lollard St School. My big Brother Doug rescued the School bell from a pile of smouldering debris. I took this brass item and its missing wooden handle to the new Tech School
in Kennington Lane a couple of years ago after 'safe-keeping' it for over 75 years. Vivian Baylis would have been delighted. They were.
It didn't 'alf clang.Of course warned them it was a 'bleeding invasion bell' as my Aunt Mary once described it.  Mail-me .

Dave Lock 10 Jun

New Friends 50 up


I would like to hear from you, I am a 70 years old British Indian fit, friendly with many interests including yoga, badminton, eating out, music and travelling from North London x 9 Jun


Elton John at the Country Club

I have just looked in my diary which says I was at the Country Club seeing Elton John on Friday, 8 January 1971. It says we eventually managed to get in but it was so crowded you couldn't move. Drank coke!

Moira 8 Jun

Occupational Health