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Stamford Hill


check out nabucco

31 Jan

Stamford Hill

All Hillites....

very nice, whats all that about? the people who read this
are not cultured enuff to understand except PIP.

Hillite 31 Jan


Willis Street Poplar

I moved to 79 willis street in Jan 1949 until sept 1956. Has anyone any old photos of Willis Street . I had a friend called Frances Hale she had a younger sister called Doreen the lived in the undertakers corner of Willis Street. Also Ann Page and Patrick i was 9 when i left and would love to catch up

Cyn 31 Jan


Willis Street

I lived in Willis Street no 79 from 1951 until 1956 I was friends with Frances who lived in the undertakers corner fo Willis Street Ann Page Patrick have lost touch when I moved away I was 9. Trying to find old pictures of Willis Street.

e mail  Mail-me 

Cynthia 31 Jan

Stamford Hill

all hillites young and young at heart

Go, thought, on golden;

Va, settle upon the slopes and the hills,
Where olezzano tepid and soft
The gentle breezes of the soil smell!
Greet the banks of the Jordan,

Zion of the towers are landing ...
Oh, my country so lovely and lost!
Membering Oh yes dear and fatal!
Harp of the prophetic seers,

Why silently from the willows?
Memories in the chest raccendi,
Us about the times gone by!
Or similar to the fates of Solima

Traggi sound lament
O Lord t'ispiri a concento
How to infuse endure our suffering!

31 Jan

Lower Edmonton

I remeber it and all theold boys from fred scarrott

John tarrier 31 Jan

Lower Edmonton

I remeber it and all theold boys from fred scarrott

31 Jan


Little Westbourne Tce & Little Melbourne St

After at least 7 generations living in a few tiny villages in Kent, some of my ancestors made THE BIG MOVE, to Little Westbourne Tce, Paddington, then to 33 Little Melbourne St, Paddington. She (sadly) then died after having 12 children, but he remarried and set off with new wife and some of the children on the "Buffalo" (1st Fleet to South Australia) to be part of founding Adelaide. This one generation travelled more by far that all the other generations in total. But what happened to Little Westbourne Tce and Little Melbourne St? What would life have been like there in 1830 - 1835?

Anne Tennock 31 Jan


Hi my name is pete conington went to St johns 1951- 1958-9 any body remember me in Mr billing class  Mail-me 

P conington 30 Jan

Employment Offered

Admin assistant required

We need female admin assistant for our company. We are a transport provider. We are in Wandsworth SW18 postcode since last 30 years.

The right candidate must have a very good communication skills. Must need to know MS Excel and be able to manage filing system.

If you think you have the right skills that we are looking for then please get in touch with AJ on 07525753136. Please note the calling time is 09:00 to 17:00 only.


AJ 30 Jan


St Gildas Convent

Yes, I remember them well plus a few others, sister St Thomas, Sister Marie Jesus I think Sister Columbia. Sorry don't remember you, I started at 5 yrs in 1950. Have been this evening to their 100 centenary event but sadly did not meet any old classmates although still in touch with a few. However, the school has totally changed, no old house or garden at all. All modern now.

29 Jan


F Piper & Sons Limited

My Aunt was the Wages Clerk at Pipers when it was in Camberwell and moved with the Firm to Woolwich in 1968 - Miss Adlington - (Elizabeth) she lived in Hillingdon Street.
She was rehoused at Abbey Wood she was there until the Firm decided to install a computer !!!! She then came back to Council accommodation in Hillingdon Street - if anybody remembers her

Valerie 29 Jan


Peggy Waterer

How strange to see you were a friend of Peggy Waterer ..... unfortunately I am unable to offer any assistance as to her whereabouts save to say that her Father married my Aunt and they moved to Crawley West Sussex but I don't think Peggy went with them I remember Peggy going on holiday to Switzerland

 Mail-me  .

Valerie 29 Jan


Peggy Waterer

How strange to see you were a friend of Peggy Waterer ..... unfortunately I am unable to offer any assistance as to her whereabouts save to say that her Father married my Aunt and they moved to Crawley West Sussex but I don't think Peggy went with them I remember Peggy going on holiday to Switzerland

 Mail-me  .

Valerie 29 Jan

Single Parents


Hi, can you contact me regarding the room? Thanks

07915192025 29 Jan

Single Parents

Single mum

Hello, are you still looking for accommodation? Im a single mum with a 8 year old boy looking for a house in the same area, please contact me

07915192025 29 Jan


29 Jan

Stamford Hill

29 Jan

Single Parents


Hello! I would like to know you but you didn't give any e-mail... 28 Jan

Single Parents

I should have added that your share of the rent would be £875pcm excluding bills.

Jennifer 28 Jan

Single Parents

North London House share - Spacious 4 bed house

I'm a professional single mother looking to share her four bedroom home long term with another professional single parent. Single dads are welcome! Available mid March.

My home is in Palmers Green, Enfield. Ten minutes from the train station. Fast connections to Victoria Line and Piccadilly line. Good bus connections. Excellent schools, lovely cafés, restaurants etc. You would have a large double bedroom, a single room for your child and your own living room. For more information and photos, please go to Gumtree and search for advert number 1097632094. Or email me  Mail-me .

Jennifer 28 Jan

Stamford Hill

28 Jan


I also went to the Nelson 1957/ cleary the headmaster also used to say"laugh with someone" "don't laugh at them" Carroll was was deputy head..He was the teacher who gave the cane to the boys.

Jw 28 Jan

New Friends

looking for friendship

I'm happy to meet a new friends in london

Belghaith 28 Jan

Single Parents

Flat/HouseShare in Crayford

Single full time working mum with 2+ yr old daughter looking for houseshare in Crayford preferably near crayford train station or surrounding areas.

28 Jan

Stamford Hill

stamford hill

the home page says " be the first to post"....should read "be the last to post here"

pips friend 28 Jan

Stamford Hill

28 Jan

Kings Cross

No longer there....

The Rees Hotel is no longer there. Was just at the British Library and stopped to see where I'd once stayed...It does still seem to be a hotel of some sort, but no Mrs Rees!  Mail-me 

Lynn 27 Jan

Lower Edmonton

Hi Brian,

Glad you remembered the good old days. We had so much fun then. Edmonton is not the same any more. It has been some time since i have been on this site. Micky Walters sounds familiar to me also. I have lost contact with everyone I grew up with in England, but that's life. Let me know what is happening over there. Did you ever know a Michael Richer. He was in a judo club and evidently pretty good.

Keep in touch. Tanks
Jennifer (Trueman) Ebeck

27 Jan

New Friends 30 up


Hi yah, you have no email address for people to contact you on


27 Jan

New Friends 30 up

Definitely looking for genuine friends


I am a mum of two but do miss social life and girly talks n laughs.Would love to revive my social life....Please get in touch on lovwidutz@

Sasha 26 Jan

Missing Persons 26 Jan


26 Jan

East Ham

Went there on a visit from school about '67, had loads of free samples

John 26 Jan

East Ham

Kempton road

Anyone know any thing of a family called Botham, used to live at 16 Kempton road until about late 70's
Especially trying to locat Jean Botham, born November 1950, since married and has lived in Basildon.
E mails welcome  Mail-me 

john 26 Jan

Tulse Hill

looking for long lost friend

Sorry this is probably wrong place to post,but looking for a long ago friend.his name is Steve,tall,black,use to wear his hair in cane row.rode a motorbike, had an accident years ago,lost touch when I move,really need to find him.thank you.e.mail kymgriffith

kym 26 Jan

Stamford Hill

26 Jan


What are council flats Kersey Gardens like?

Hi there. I am downsizing to a housing association flat from Chislehurst. I have heard a few scare stories about the area, is there any truth in this? My kids are saying there is anti-social behaviour problem there. I like the flat but am a bit worried. I have to decide by the end of the week. I am in my sixties and retired. Thanks
email address:  Mail-me 

Linda 26 Jan

East Ham

linda winters

Nee, Linda Winters,married to Peter ? lived before getting married in Vicaridge Lane East Ham moved to flat corner of Rutland Rd. and Katherine Rd. East Ham.
Father had a grocery shop in Green St. Forest Gate.

Brian Williams 26 Jan


Does anyone remember Rosie White's sweet shop on the corner of Westmoreland Road and Doctor's Street or Sammy Verrico who lived in Boyson Road. Sam's dad had a barber shop in Rodney Road. Sam was my dad's friend.

Arthur Bigg 25 Jan


Interested To. See. Who is Looking for Me. ....(John Wilson). And. Remembers me From. Going. To the Nelson. School. Your. Also. Aware. That i Have a Brother. .clive. " Your. Also. Right. In Knowing. That". ..We. Lived. In. Trafalgar street. (43)..."you. Must Have. Known. Me. Well."To. Be. Aware. Of. That.....

J.wilson 25 Jan


London Football Show email address

Looking for supporters of the London clubs to get involved and tune into our show. It is aired live on Thursday evenings on Freeview Channel 244 and Sports Tonight Live Website.

Gone on the Sports Tonight website for uploads of the Show ie Interviews with Arsenal Fans & phone in guests and previews. This week we had John Sitton as our phone in guest discussing all things Millwall & Leyton Orient

Kenny Ken 25 Jan

South Woodford

It is so lovely to hear from you I have waited such a long time. I have tried to ring but no answer
Mariola xx

Mariola / Kieron McGoldrick 24 Jan

Lower Edmonton

OMG Brian. It has been couple years since I was on this site. I believe I knew Micky Walters. Wasn't he a judo champ of some thing. Would love to connect with him also, if possible. Would love to put my e-mail address on here, but am a little scared about that. Maybe I should open up another one just just for this.
Hope you reply. Take Care

24 Jan

Single Parents


HI,I am single mother with 10 years old boy.I am looking to share in RM-Barking,Dagenham,Chadwell Heath,Romford.Contact to e-mail: Mail-me 

Nefertiti 24 Jan


goalkeepers wanted

group of 12 mates who have made 2 teams...we play each other every week in a best of 5 series at powerleage wembley

need 2 keepers 1 for each team...we play for 2 hours and it costs £10 every week


shaz 23 Jan

Stamford Hill

23 Jan


George Butler was offered terms by Spurs, but it was not a secure or lucrative occupation in 1937. He had a rough war, ending up in the Silesian coal mines, as a POW. He is survived by a daughter.
P Butler, nephew

Peter Butler 23 Jan

Covent Garden

LOST! Silver necklace with pink cube, silver heart, elephant & key charm

Lost in Covent Garden! A silver necklace with a pink cube, an elephant and a key charm attached. Very special to the owner, lost at the Nuffield Covent garden gym! If anyone can help it's very special!
Many thanks :) please email:  Mail-me 

Lisa 22 Jan

Lost and Found

LOST! Silver necklace with pink cube, silver heart, elephant & key charms!

Lost in Covent Garden! A silver necklace with a pink cube, an elephant and a key charm attached. Very special to the owner, lost at the Nuffield Covent garden gym! If anyone can help it's very special!
Many thanks :)
Please contact :  Mail-me 

Lisa Davidson 22 Jan

West Norwood

22 Jan

Stamford Hill

22 Jan

Forest Gate

I worked for tom too before best friends group took over and he is a genius a fabulous vet with maybe not a good bedside manner but he certainly will always be remembered . They were some if the best years of my life until best friends took over and it all was ruined from then on

g 22 Jan

Single Parents

Single mum flat share in Islington


I am a single mum to a 11 month old baby looking for another single mum to share 2 bedroom flat in Islington.

I work full time (except one day a week) so would like you to work as well. I am very social, love cooking and like a glass of wine now and again when my son has fallen asleep. Please get in touch with you are interested. Get in touch here  Mail-me 

c 22 Jan

New Friends 30 up

New friendship

Hi, I'm a black Caribbean straight female, in my 30s looking for female friends.

I Like going cinema, cocktail bars, restaurants & cafes, I also enjoy shopping for bargains.

I'm down to earth and easy to get on with and would like to hear from you, if you're looking to build a great friendship, I am from sw area can also travel to meet you.
I look forward to hearing from you :)

Md 22 Jan


Warner rd sorting office

Does anyone remember the old postmans sorting office, it was next to the.
Bus garage in Warner rd opposite the rose and thistle pub

Email.  Mail-me 

Raymond.f.m. 21 Jan

Single Parents

Single Mum Looking For Putney SW London House/Flat Share

I am the mother of a 20 month old who sleeps through the night. Ideally, I would like to find a house or flat share in the Putney area SW London. I am happy to share babysitting etc. I enjoy cooking, baking, films, books and yoga. I am a self-employed creative.

Contact me on:  Mail-me 

Margot 21 Jan


what are you talking about i had many friends in rawstone walk and hung around the area the area through the 70s and never set eyes on a thug

debbie williams 21 Jan


I would like to see those up to `52

21 Jan


cowley arms

this was an Irish pub in the mid 70's, Many a great night I had there!

paul 21 Jan


Meet up and go out


I'm looking for new female friends within the ages of 18-28 who would like to go out and just have a good laugh. I'm not fussed about race or area within london, I would just like someone who is available to go out and has the same interests in music.
Please be female, genuine, fun and friendly. Once we get to know each other, hopefully we will meet up, exchange numbers and plan a night out.

Contact me on  Mail-me 

Cee 20 Jan

Anything and Everything

Bryce Grant

Can somebody please tell me whereabouts in the High St Bryce Grant's shop was located.

Brian. 20 Jan

Single Parents

Double Room available for single Mum/ Dad EAST LONDON

I am a single mum with a son of 13 years old and I have a spacious double room for rent in a big modern house in Dagenham. The house is neat nice and tidy with a big kitchen, and a nice garden. The house is available for a single mum with a child. My son and I are very nice and friendly . I work full time within a London council and I am looking to share the house with a single mum/dad with a child who also has a full time job. The room is now available.  Mail-me 

olu 20 Jan

Language Exchanges

small double room available in beautiful flat in wandsworth common

Room available in beautiful flat, to share with a friendly couple.
450 per calender month including bills.
Postcode is SW17 7EQ
Spanish speaker preferred.
If interested call Juliet 07980655507

Juliet Fleming 20 Jan

Single Parents

Single mum looking for flatshare Ealing area

Hi All
I am looking for a flat share in Ealing area, Hanwell, preferably or West Ealing.
Iam 40 years old and I have 6 years old daughter.
I have to find something asap, because situation at home is unberable. I am divorcing my husband.
I am professional, clean, organised. Love spending time with my daughter.
Email me if you are interested on  Mail-me 

Marta 20 Jan

Single Parents

Single parent looking to move in a shared house in Enfield


I am a newly single mum and looking for a nice home to share with single mum. I would like to share with someone who have children and a nice company. I don't have any family in London and cannot move back up north in Manchester due my sons schooling and it won't be fair on him.

I am 30 year old, Deaf and able to communicate by lip reading and I am very happy to teach some signs, my son is hearing. I work full time as a deputy manager.

Get in touch if interested, xx


Tina Costi 20 Jan

Single Parents

Hello, I'm looking to share in Enfield.. I have 10 year old son.


20 Jan

Single Parents

East London flatshare

Hi Sheena

I sent you (and Mel) an email but not sure if you got it. I too am a teacher and will be looking around August for a place for me and my 2 lovely daughters, 3 and 5 months. I've shared houses most of my adult life and love living with other people. I'm very easy going and easy to get on with. If you're still looking and would like to chat please post me a message and I'll get back in touch with you. Thanks kirstie

Kirstie 20 Jan

Single Parents

Also looking in East london

Hi Mel, I'm not sure if you got my long rambling email. I will be looking for a place in vic park, London fields, Hackney for myself and my 2 girls; a 3 year old and a 5 month baby. I won't be moving until August. If you're still looking at this time is ok please post me back and maybe I can call you. Thanks kirstie

Kirstie 20 Jan


Lovely part time nanny or mothers help required!

I'm looking for a friendly and cheerful person to look after my son and to help with housework. Starting in Jan / Feb 2015, I'm looking for help in the mornings and Thursdays after school to take him to his after school group. I'd also like help during the school holidays - to take him to the park, playground and out and about. Running errands and light housework are also required.

We are located in NW London

Please  Mail-me  with recommendations or your own experience, rates and references.
Many thanks

Sarah 19 Jan


I remember Peter and his older sister, I lived at No 19 Deloraine, my family name was Foley.

C Emmett 19 Jan

Stamford Hill

eddy got to go & make the bagles ----pip

hi eddy got your tweek understand situation thanks for the enlightenment i just go on the web to have a fun minute or 2 but you are absolutely right great pity ,so many long lost tales ,and laughs .. will just have to constraint on my tomatoes ,weather little cooler but pleasant ,sending some in post

18 Jan

Stamford Hill

still surfing back - thought you had enough regection

ARE YOU STILL SPEAKING FOR EVERY BODY or only the boys at the back ,now i know where you are coming from , its ok to come out of the cupboard now hope i have not interrupted any thing and if you sign in you may find a nice partner from your past hill life there is always plenty of nice boy out there , // only trying to help the unsettled find them selves ??? be happy and may you get well soon PIP

18 Jan


My name is Ronnie Weldon from no8 lulworth ct I remember you and I remember your bro Ronnie and I can name lots of other people please get in touch u can email me on my partners  Mail-me 

Y Lynn 18 Jan


My name is Ronnie Weldon from no8 lulworth ct I remember you and I remember your bro Ronnie and I can name lots of other people please get in touch u can email me on my partners  Mail-me 

Ronnie Weldon 18 Jan

Stamford Hill

18 Jan

Stamford Hill

no body asked for your opinion

that's right Pip, you tell 'em. give it your best shot.
and don't stand for any nonsense. we're all behind you.
not in front ,not at the side but behind you

ex hillboy 18 Jan

Stamford Hill

no body asked for your opinion ,

GOD GAVE THE TORA TO ONLY ONE GUY MOSES -look how many of us now , ,to surf here and not have a voice or name is like having no /????????? CK .. no body wants to know your opinion ,it only sounds inadequate & jealous very typical of the nameless get a life ----- ALWAY PIP honest & fearless

18 Jan


ReBook Club, Chingford E4

Would you mind putting me on your mail out list?

Many thanks,


Michael Brown 18 Jan

Canning Town


im looking for a turkish bath around east london or london
dont look for nathing posh but man only
how does ir work?
do we have to be naked ?
this this a gay friendly place
please get back
how much to entry ?

leo 18 Jan

New Friends 40 up


Hi my name is Sharon i'm 45 and i live in Middlesex (West London). I am really in need of a holiday this year but my friends are either loved up or have moved away so it's difficult to make any plans. I am hopefully going to have some leave booked in September from 11th - 21st and just wondered if there was any single ladies around my age that fancied a week in the sun somewhere. I'm not a big sun worshipper but a bit of sun and see and relaxing would be great... Obviously we'd have to meet a few times first and see if we get on. So if any ladies are interested then please contact me at  Mail-me 

sharon 18 Jan

Stamford Hill

Stamford Hill

haven't they shut this shop up yet. how long can they keep going with only one customer....big boy PIP

ex hillboy 18 Jan

Flats Houses Wanted


I am moving to London for 9 month for a secondment, starting February 15th and am looking to rent a flat in East London, close to Liverpool Street.
I am a young UN professional, usually based in Rome.
Maximum budget is around 1100 a month.

thanks i advance,
Margarita 18 Jan


Message for friends

Hi! I'm not sure how long ago this was posted but Helen linay- now cole is my mum. I will pass on your details and hopefully you'll be able to get in touch with her. My aunt is now heather Westney and lives in Lincolnshire. Hope this helps
Jenny smith nee cole

Jenny smith 17 Jan


St Peters

I have some class pictures from St Peters during the 1950-1956 period, I will dig them out of the loft - could be interesting!

17 Jan

Honor Oak Park

Lovely area

I've lived in Honor oak for about 18 years and I can honestly say in that time I have never witnessed or heard of any crime. I have seen 1 or 2 dodgy people over the years but they undoubtedly are not from the area (these sightings are not common). There will always be crime in every part to the city, I lived in Fulham for a while and there is crime there too. Honor Oak is a quite, calm area with a lot of families.

Taylor 17 Jan

Horses and Ponies

Are you still looking for a share on this pony please

I am in North London and looking for a pony share for myself and my son. I am an experienced rider. He is a novice. My email is  Mail-me 

L Turner 17 Jan

Lost and Found

Lost a pair of gloves

May lost it at Romford shopping center or Parsloes park in Becontree
Please contact me if you found it.  Mail-me 

Hang 17 Jan

Single Parents

single mum with a 3 year old son

I am 26 year old mum who works full time. I lived in Islington untill me and my partner split up and would love to flat/house share with another single parent in the surrounding areas.  Mail-me 

jane morgan 16 Jan


Tiefschwarz at Fabric this saturday?

Is anyone up for going to see Tiefschwarz and Cosmin TRG dj this saturday at fabric? I’d love to go and see them dj but none of my friends are up for it. I am female, into design and all sounds electronic… looking for fun people up for a bit of dancing!  Mail-me 

Jane 16 Jan


It was still there in 1965

16 Jan


I was in the same mother and baby home and Miss Nicholson still ran it. September 1965. I kept my baby, which was against all wishes of my family. I hope you have had some success in tracing your baby now. I remember how heartbreaking it was, on the day the babies were adopted, after the mother had cared for the baby for 6 weeks.

Chris 16 Jan

Kensal Green

Kensal green is alright

it a okay place, i grow up here i know the bad boys how stand around look really secary but they are human like us they blood too be sides they
will not touch if you ain't do a problem with them 15 Jan

Single Parents

Flat Share South East London

Hi I am 25 currently working full time in the NHS and due to go on maternity leave in March, I would love to return to work after my baby is born, flat sharing with someone would allow me to do this.
I am currently splitting up from my partner and need to find somewhere to live before the baby arrives. I am happy to help out with childcare whilst I am off work.
Please email me if you are interested! I am kind, lighthearted and would like to share with a like minded professional person.


Louise 15 Jan


Keble memorial school 1944

Is there anybody around still who remembers this school then. IThe headmistress was sister Cecil lovely lady. I can only remember a Violet Shipton whomwas very tall and always seemed to be in trouble with the teacher. There was also a girl who sang Ava Maria every time we went to the aur raid shelters when the sirens went. Had a lovely voice.In those days during the battle of Britian we spent many days in the shelter. Didnt mind of course as we did not have to do school work. Getting very old now and cannot remember to many names. I do remember one time leaving school to go home when the ground across the road where a house had been bombed gave away and a few children fell down there and had to be rescued. I now live in Australia and I am 84

Violet sherrock 15 Jan


St Philips School Kennington

Hello I went to St Philips School from 1951-1956 my name then
was Carol Cutler, I remember I had a friend called
Dorothy Jones she lived in Kennington Road.

carol 15 Jan

Single Parents

Single mum looking for a flat share


I'm a working mum to a 11 month old son looking for a single mum for my Tej bedroom flat in islington.

You need to be a working mum as well in similar situation. Please get in touch if you are interested.  Mail-me 

Clara 15 Jan


Tottenham changed a lot loved growing up next to spurs gd tottenham mashers had great fun in the 8os 9os like most of london and life they change have seen gd and bad in tottenham sence from a wee lad of couse tottenham are staying its they home thing are moveing on its the 3rd ground now going be built now know much of tottenham was milk boy then milkmen but will always stay in tottenham two many gd things weigth out the bad things am 5o soon and lets hope all that money being put in all of tottenham make shall we have a tottenham to be pround of and the best team ever

Johnhamilton 14 Jan


I went there 1980 am sill liveing near our old school now did u know mark smith he had brother at our school two his dad was caretaker at lancs school near bruce castle park my numbers 07508770660 text me in daytime and i get back to ok

Johnhamilton 14 Jan

Single Parents

Hello young lady :)

I am 26 this year and have 6 old babe....i am in the same situation like you...but in different way....i live with my parents..and they treat me like a crap....if you looking for nice people...i am here to help you...and wud idealy even move out with you...but after 6 of feburary would suit me because....i am still wating for benefits to be sorted....
email me on  Mail-me 

staying positive will bring you a lot of goodness you are right :)

aleksandra 14 Jan